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Hey, we just installed Keno


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Looks good, it's called Keno

Can download with this link Keno

Can play at this link Keno

Description: Enjoy an exciting casino game with Keno. You first choose your stake, which consists of one, five or ten dollars. Then, on the game board, choose between three and ten different numbers from the range of one to eighty, and determine your bet bet. Then choose between one, five, or ten rounds. 20 random numbers on the field are selected. You win when your numbers are there. The more numbers you have chosen, the lower your Keno profit, and the greater your chances of winning a good number of hits. Prove good sense and challenge your luck: Under the playing field, you will be shown how much game money you still have and can play in the game. Increase your stake and show yourself as a successful gamblers at Keno without using real money.

Object: Pick your lucky numbers and win as much as you can

Keys: Use the mouse to select the numbers


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